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Nationally Recognized Experts in

Insurance Regulation and Compliance

Our reputation for excellence has been earned by obtaining great results for insurers and other regulated entities for many years. While we work with insurance departments in all 50 states, we have particular experience and knowledge about California insurance law and the California Department of Insurance.

Creative, Effective Solutions

In addition to representing many Fortune 500 insurers, we represent many smaller insurers as well as internet and technology companies that need advice and/or assistance with insurance issues.

Insurance Compliance

Assisting companies with insurance compliance issues has been the focus of our practices for our combined 50 years of practice.

Transaction Issues

Expert advice regarding all types of transaction legal issues, with cost-effective solutions for a variety of large & small issues and customers.

Expert Problem Solving

We counsel companies on insurance regulatory laws, licensing of subsidiaries, and drafting definitive agreement and compensation arrangements.

Insurer Representation

We work with and represent hundreds of large and small insurers, providing consultations and individually-tailored solutions.

We stay at the forefront of the insurance industry

We are frequently invited to speak at a number of insurance industry conferences each year and we have made many presentations on a wide variety of insurance regulatory and compliance issues, often on panels with representatives of the California Department of Insurance and other Departments of Insurance.

We have also authored chapters in leading treatises on insurance law, and have closely worked with the California Department of Insurance to develop new laws and rules to regulate new insurance products.

Founded by Experienced Specialists

Randall Doctor is in his 30th year as a national insurance regulatory lawyer and an insurance compliance lawyer with particular experience in matters involving California insurance law and the California Department of Insurance.

Randall Doctor
Randall Doctor

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